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unleash your imagination


Creativity is a source of inspiration, innovation and, of course, fun. In the YOU CREATE workshops, we connect you with an artist or maker in their place of work, where you will connect or reconnect with your imagination. 

Since this workshop is highly customised, we first need you to get in touch and tell us about yourself or your team. We will listen attentively, and based on what you tell us, we will plan around your needs. 

The plan will involve choosing an artistic language that we believe will inspire you, and choosing an artist or maker within that field for you to visit in their studio, theatre or other such space. There you will be led through a series of exercises, games and activities. Do you think in movements, images, sounds or smells? Do you allow yourself, and each other, to make mistakes? How can you bring playfulness (back) into your work life?

By inviting you into the world of a creative, we will show you what you need in order to create. Together, we will devise a way for you to sustainably fulfil those needs in your normal work environment, so that you can go back into work a happier, more productive and inspired individual or team. 

The AUTHENTICS is a communication coaching company based in Amsterdam. We offer 5 workshops, including YOU CREATE.

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