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define your company's mission


A clear and engaging brand identity is crucial for effective marketing and communication. In our YOUR STORY workshops we explore the identity of your company and how to communicate that story.


Together, we delve into the narrative of your company; its origins, journey and current place in the world. We get to the heart of what you do and why you do it. Working with storytelling exercises, we help you attract stakeholders and employees by teaching you to communicate your company vision in an engaging and inspiring way. Storytellers are skillful in the way they shape information, make choices and adapt to circumstances. With our help, you too can infuse your data with soul, make it accessible and adapt it to an audience and occasion. We show you the way to steer clear of sales pitch style explanations, so that you and your audience can truly connect to your story.

We help you to share your company’s mission.

The AUTHENTICS is a communication coaching company based in Amsterdam. We offer 5 workshops, including YOUR STORY.

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