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engage through the camera lens

In the YOUR VIDEO workshops we explore the skills needed for confident and personable presentation of yourself and your company to camera. We end with an (optional) film shoot in which we make a beautiful, content-rich, authentic film statement of you for your website or media campaign.

Knowing how to effectively communicate with a person or an audience via a screen is an ever growing necessity in this day and age. Interviews and conferences are often held via Skype, and video content has surpassed the written word and photography in its importance in marketing. The importance of charisma on screen is ever increasing. 

But cameras often present a distorted image. Our filmmaking and coaching experts will show you how to present yourself to camera, adjusting to that distortion so that you come across as natural and engaging. We look at how to adapt the content of your presentations, how to frame yourself on screen and how to adapt your physical communication when there is a camera directed at you. We pass on sustainable tips for how to feel comfortable around the camera. And finally, we assist you in creating, shooting and editing a sharp and engaging video for you to upload.

In YOUR VIDEO, we help you engage through the camera lens.

The AUTHENTICS is a communication coaching company based in Amsterdam. We offer 5 workshops, including YOUR VIDEO.

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