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face to face communication

In the YOU CONVERSE workshops we explore the requirements for engaging interpersonal communication, and teach you to use your body as a partner during conversations.

Body language pays such a huge role in conversation. In this workshop, we look at how to read body language and how to use it to put people at ease. Strong communication is not just about taking a strong physical stance, with both your feet planted firmly on the ground in a hero pose, and stating your opinion (though occasionally that can be effective). There are ways you can be physically energetic, enthusiastic and confident, without being overbearing or aggressive. 

When we become comfortable with our bodies and the part they play in face to face communication, we can add adaptability to our conversational skills. We also become better listeners. This workshop will teach you the ways to motivate someone to leave their comfort zone. It will assist you in dealing with conflict and the delivery of bad news. And it will allow you to assert yourself firmly but gracefully in discussions. 

YOU CONVERSE will help you excel at face to face communication.

The AUTHENTICS is a communication coaching company in Amsterdam. We offer 5 workshops, including YOU CONVERSE.

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